2009happyseller (yinyingjie2011@gmail.com fraud

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Update by user Jul 07, 2012

The company did not stand up to their promises,and i lost my shirts and my money,since they will not fit me,i will have to donate them

Be aware from buying from ebay dealers from china as to ship back the goods will cost you twice as the good themselves

shame on 2009HAPPYSELLER

He thinks american are *** consumers,,,,but we are not

Original review posted by user Jun 06, 2012

I bought from this ebay seller 3 shirts

I had ordered M, shirts came without size labels, and no way in *** they were size M

I SPEND A TOTAL OF 40.00 about

selleo with ebay asked me to send shirts back to seller in China which will cost me now extra $ 32.00 so he can refund me $ 40.00 so bottom line, he screwed up and he wants me to pay for his screw uP, so I SHOULD SPEND A TOTAL OF 72.00 in order to get back 40.00 what am i ***

I had tried to request partial refund so i can donate the shirts i, BUT HE REFUSED

Now i lost 3 cases with ebay cause i refused to spend extra 32, 00 to get me original 40.00

this company and ebay seller 2009happyseller are crooks

Yin Yasong

South 3RD Floor, No.289 Jingmao Road ,

Industrial Park



Post Code: 215122

Tel: 86 0512-86660202 (86 18620396117)

Monetary Loss: $40.


Los Alamitos, California, United States #1032722

Just received my order of 3 (three) bulge briefs. I ordered, as I had previously, size M (medium), all transaction show that M was ordered, however, in the package was all (3) briefs in size L (large).

These will be too large for me. How will you take care of an exchange? My receipt number is 3552-6842-7540-4140.

Please contact me at RONALDDUBB@YAHOO.COM. I have copied the receipt number directly from your paperwork and off computer.

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